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I would like to invite you to join a remarkable group of people on our journey to understand our world,
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~ Catherine Austin Fitts, Publisher

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The Solari Report interview archive is rich with great interviews (over 360 in total). Our library areas include Financial Planning, Geopolitics, Precious Metals, Equity Markets, Fixed Income, Food & Health, Science and Technology, Personal Power, Real Estate, Go Local, and the Real Deal. Catherine hosts interviews with guest hosts leading the Solari Food Series and Future Science Series. Favorite guests include Dr. Joseph Farrell, Richard Dolan, Jon Rappoport, Harry Blazer, The Saker, Ulrike Granögger, Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, and many more!Published quarterly as an audio presentation, a web presentation (including charts & graphs), and a PDF transcript, made available in the following weeks. Each Wrap Up provides in-depth analysis of the top trends and stories and explores a theme important to the "deeper news" and primary investment trends. Annual Wrap Ups provide scenario plans to support your family and business planning and investment strategy. Quarterly and Annual Wrap Ups summarize financial market performance and deliver fundamental and technical analysis of financial market trends. Our goal is to make sure you are on top of current events with actionable intelligence and a minimum investment of time.

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What Subscribers Are Saying

All I can say now after I pick my jaw up off the floor is wow!! Thank you soooo much. What a huge blessing and thank you for your commitment and your courage. You’ve helped me fill in so many blanks and connect so many dots. I can now better align my intuition with empowering choices in the economic arena.”

Joined the Solari Report last week and have been spending the last several evenings listening to past calls. SPLENDID SPLENDID. If there’s anything better out there I don’t know what it might (be) and I’m telling a number of my friends to sign up. Thanks for this GREAT service!”

They want to make it very expensive to not be in the (healthcare) database…Perfectly put as usual. More truth value per word than anywhere else (kind of like sales per sq foot in retailing).”
I think Catherine is the most interesting person talking about economics and the US & world political systems whom I have ever heard. She is always spot on, she is innovative and she self-corrects her course and views as information surfaces. She is state of the art.

The last two Reports have been spectacular. I am determined to read The Art of War but I don’t know when that will be because I am gearing up to a full teaching load — at least full for me. But about last night, and Richard Dolan’s take on the Clash of Civilizations. It makes such sense the way you connected all of that with the black budget. I appreciated his openness so far as pinning down any of the possible explanations—remaining open and really quite gentle.”

Listening to last night’s Solari Report again. I want to tell you that, for some reason, I feel far more sane and hopeful because of your experience and insights. Sometimes I feel like a ‘super paranoid’ with the extent and scope and depth of ‘things going on’. Your insights are extremely helpful to me and keep me moving forward in my own life far better than if I didn’t have access to your insights. It keeps me focused because I have the answers to many dozens of seemingly random and unrelated events that are harmful.
I have learned a ton in less then a week, God bless you Catherine, thanks so much, I was researching what is causing all the inflation and I crossed your path!!”

This was so enlightening. Makes so much sense. Everyone should have a copy of this in their homes and learn not to be afraid to fight back and resist bullying of those who distort the truth.”

Catherine Austin Fitts is quite a Lady. Brilliant, courageous and dedicated to helping people. What a combination! I would that there were more great thinkers (and doers) like her. Thank you, Catherine.”

The last conversation with Jon has just blown me away! I have such a passion to say, “Stop! Let’s dig around and play with this notion a bit more.” Thank you so much for the transcript and the fact that it was posted soon enough after the conversation for me not to have forgotten what I wanted to dwell on. This conversation has helped me more than any other to understand why I keep ‘hanging around’ Solari with such a sense of deep connection.”

Catherine Austin Fitts Discusses the Solari Report