In the spirit of #CashFriday we’re encouraging six-month and annual subscribers to pay for their Solari Report subscriptions with Cash, Check, Money Order, Coins, Western Union, or Wire Transfer. As a special bonus, get 3 months FREE for a six-month subscription, or 3 months FREE for an annual subscription, as well as 3 months FREE for a monthly recurring subscription set up as a recurring direct payment with your bank or credit union.


Please click HERE if you would like to subscribe with Cash & Coin


On-line Payment: We anticipate not being able to accept PayPal payments in the very near future. Please pay with a credit card or consider the Cash & Coin option.


One Month Subscription $30

Six Month Subscription $160

One Year Subscription $275


Premium Subscription $375

Includes a hard copy mailing of our
Quarterly and Annual Wrap Ups.
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